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Jan 18, 2008 — I can't believe I'm so curious about this that I'm posting it here in the hope that someone has the answer....

Why are the cookies of store-bought ice-cream sandwiches so nice and soft? When I try to make ice-cream sandwiches at home, the cookie part freezes something awful and is very hard to bite into. But the better quality ice-cream sandwiches from a store have nice, soft cookies. Is it really just preservatives or are these special cookies?

rnewhouse says:

The cookies in an ice-cream sandwich are special: they are actually more like a stiff cake. Here is a recipe that produces a soft, chewy cookie by using melted butter (instead of softened) and an extra egg yolk. The picture looks seriously delicious. I don't eat wheat or sugar or ice cream, or I would whip up a batch right now and eat them all at once.

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