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California DMV

Oct 7, 2006 — It's amazing - it can take the California DMV 30 minutes to check you in and give you a number for your service, 45 minutes to help you complete the paperwork for new registration on your car, up to 4 weeks to mail you your new license (you start off with a paper version), but I'll be damned if that registration check wasn't deposited faster than any check I've EVER written before.

Stupid DMV priorities.

dcormier says:

I like that the Florida DMV allows you to do many functions online. Makes life just a little bit easier.

Jackson says:

Having gone to DMVs for California, Oregon, Florida and Illinois I would definitely have to say Florida was the best. They didn't require me to take a written test to switch my license from Oregon to Florida, they just wanted my Oregon license and an eye test. Very fast and inexpensive - only $30 or so per year for registration versus the $230 - $250 per year for registration in California.

That's it - we're moving back to Clearwater.

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