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Holy Heat Wave!

Jul 25, 2006 — The temperature in Santa Clarita, California (where we live) has been sitting around 100 degrees for the last couple of weeks - hitting 112 last Saturday. Even a $500 utility bill doesn't help cool off the house - it barely keeps the house livable (and our dogs alive) at 83 degrees.

But it's not just California - this higher-than-normal heat wave seems to be hitting all over the US. My parents said it was 103 the other day in Oregon - with a nice coating of humidity to boot.

What the HECK?!!!! I have a coworker who is 8 months pregnant - I don't even want to imagine what this must be like for her.

rnewhouse says:

103 in Oregon? That was after it cooled off! Doing all sorts of nifty tricks with window shades and windows and fans and turning off lights, we managed to keep the house down to a refreshing 90 degrees or so during the day while it was 106 outside.

My daughter fortunately got to go to the beach for the day with the Delphi crowd -- where it was a balmy 85 or so. (Oregon Coast!)

At least we're not in Queens...

Jackson says:

At 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, it was still 92 degrees outside. Ick!

We bought large rolls of that sun-deflector stuff (you know, the kind they use for car windshield shades) and put it on all our windows, but on the inside, and it didn't do squat (except make our house even darker). In the middle of the night last night I woke up and suddenly remembered a solar experiment I did - we have to put the shades OUTSIDE the house for it to deflect the heat. The way they are now, they are just deflecting UV rays, but the heat is still entering the house. We're moving them today and crossing our fingers that it will help.

What's happening in Queens?

rnewhouse says:

No power in Queens for the last week, and just starting to be restored today. It's really surprising that we're not hearing more about this. Temperatures in th 90s there too, and there's no refrigeration, no air conditioning, no lights, no computers, no water pumps... and worst of all, NO TV!

Jackson says:

Now that you mention it, the blonde in me subsides and I remember hearing about this.

I'm actually fairly tolerant of dry heat in the home, but for the animals' sake it needs to stay below 80 degrees. Maggie is a 110 lb labrador - she already huffs and puffs, the heat just makes it infinitely worse.

DataBind() says:

I attempted a summit of Mt. Cashmere yesterday, and man was it hot! The forecast called for triple-digits, and it sure felt like it.

Most of the approach consists of steep switchbacks up the side of a ridge, through old burn sites -- in other words, fully exposed with zero shade. I was baking! I went through nearly two gallons of water.

The alpine meadows were full of flowers -- I imagine they must love the sun.

Jackson says:

I'm amazed you were willing to brave that heat to make the climb - all I want to do is sit around in the air conditioning.

Wirehead says:

Pardon me while I gloat about someone else having a higher local temperature than me.

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